About Us



The Sullivan Fire Protection District consists of 12 Full-Time Employees: 1 Fire Chief, 1 Office Administrator, 1 Fire Marshal, 9 paid Firefighters, and 25 Volunteer Firefighters


Stations and Service Area

Sullivan Fire Protection District consists of 5 fire stations. 3 outlying volunteer stations and 2 stations in the City of Sullivan; 1 manned 24/7, and the other Monday-Friday 8-5


Board of Directors

The Sullivan Fire Protection District Board of Directors consist of 3 members.

President: Frank Blanton

Vice President:Danny Banning

Treasurer: Chris Garner

The Board of Directors meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 5:30 at Station 1


Community Outreach

If you ever wonder what type of emergencies your firefighters run, events we put on or participate in, or anything. Join us on our Sullivan Fire Community Outreach Page on Facebook to follow your Sullivan Firefighters.


Public Relations

We are always looking for ways to be out with our community. If you have any event coming up that you would like to have a firetruck at or a booth from your fire department. Contact Trevor Woods at firefightertrevor352@gmail.com. He typically emails back within a couple hours of emailing him. If you would like to see some of the events we do within the community please refer to the photos page or the Public Relations page.